Wahoo Fitness Blue Heart Rate Monitor for IPhone 4s

Posted Sun, 07/15/2012 - 17:47 by gmstoner


Wahoo Fitness makes two heart rate monitors (HRM). One based on the ANT+ protocol and another based on Bluetooth LE. This review is for the Bluetooth LE version, which I use. The Bluebooth LE protocol is only available on the IPhone 4S and some of the latest Android phones, but more and more devices will be coming out that support Bluetooth LE (low energy). The ANT+ HRM requires an additional adapter for the signal to be read by the iPhone 3G and 4. Thus, I can just go run and not worry about having to connect an adapter.

The Blue HR monitor was easy to configure and pair with my phone. Wahoo has two IPhone apps that are good to have installed. The Wahoo Utility App will let help you test any of their products for connecting with your phone. While it wasn't necessary for me to use with the Blue HR, it was really useful when connecting the bike sensors. The other Wahoo App is called Wahoo Fitness. It's a general app for both running and cycling.The nice thing about the Wahoo HRM products is they are compatible with all the major fitness apps available. I personally have used it with Runmeter and Strava. Wahoo has a full catalog of apps that work with their sensors.

The strap for the HRM fits comfortably and is machine washable. I try to wash it regularly with my other running clothes. While I haven't tested it, Wahoo claims it is water proof up to 5 ft.

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