My Story

Before July of 2011, I wasn't a runner. As an adult, I had twice done a 5k with very unimpressive results and just felt winded. But I knew I wasn't getting any younger and I had to get in shape before it was too late. Just before the fourth of July, I got a postcard in the mail from Team in Training and I committed. I first became aware of the organization in 2005 when my little sister ran the San Diego Marathon and I first encountered "purple nation". I left that weekend thinking if I ever did anything like a marathon, I would do it with them. So I started August 1st, 2011 and trained for the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon in Phoenix.

When I started my body fat % was about 35% and I weighed between 220-225. I hid it well, but here is a before and after photo. You can click the photo to see a larger version.

I made this video just before my first marathon in January 2012.

After completing my first marathon, I didn't want to stop the momentum, so I committed to a second Team in Training event in Vancouver, BC. It was a great experience and a wonderful course.  I'm already committed to 2 more events with Team in Training. I will be joining the cycling team and training for El Tour de Tucson as well as training again for the PF Chang's Marathon.

Comcast PSA


And more to come!