Gu Energy Gel, Roctane, Vanilla Orange, 24-Count

Posted Wed, 07/18/2012 - 02:38 by gmstoner

$45 ($2 each)

I never race or do long training runs without some GU on my hydration belt. GU Roctane contains some caffeine, which some people don't like. My personal favorite flavor is the orange vanilla. Gu Energy Gel has just the right punch to energize you until the end of your race. Gu was created to be digested while exercising, which means no stomach cramping or indigestion during you're workout. These gels contain maltodextrin, which is the key for your body to get back all those carbohydrates it has been losing and replenish it so you can perform at your peak. This carb combined with fructose raises your blood sugar level, allowing you to go longer and stronger than ever.For those who don't want the caffeine, the Tri-Berry GU is an excellent option. I typically carry some of each on my belt. GU is not to be taken by itself. Those who GU need to hydrate with water.